FACE2FACE is a web-based service to analyse interfaces between biological macromolecules.

Enter 4-letter PDB Code

Enter a single pdb code of the biological complex or multimeric structure (e.g., 2bte, 3zvj).

Specify PDB Assembly

More than one Biological Assembly found (e.g., 2BTE). The assembly to be analysed has to be specified.

Specify PDB File

The complete structure contains more than 62 chains, which is the maximum number that can be comprised in a single PDB file (e.g., 4V5N). Therefore, each PDB file contains only a fragment of the complete structure. The file to be analysed has to be specified.

Upload coordinates of your structure

Click on “Choose File” if you want to upload and analyse your own structure. The input file must contain atomic coordinates in PDB format.

Chain 1, Chain 2

Select the interacting chains. The chains must be different. The order of Chain1 and Chain2 is not influent.

Distance threshold

Two interface atoms are defined to be in contact is their distance is not higher than the threshold value. The default threshold value is 4.0 Å, but this can be modified by the user.


Click on this button to perform the analysis.


Click on this button to restart FACE2FACE.

Download Results

A compressed (zip) file was created. Click on this button to download it. The results are explained in the README file.